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Paleo Coconut Prawns

Paleo Coconut Prawns |

There's one menu item when I'm dining out that I just can't pass up and that's Coconut Prawns.  The sweet shrimp paired with crispy coconut makes my mouth water like nobodies business...

Epic Paleo Burger

Epic Paleo Burger |

We happen to be BIG fans of the Paleo and Primal lifestyle here at Spice Cave.  What's not to love about eating a big beautiful grass fed burger topped with a perfectly cooked egg?  Nothing.  Na

Spicy Citrus Salmon

Spicy Citrus Salmon Recipe |

Most salmon needs nothing more than a quick sprinkle of s&p and some lemon juice.  With our Spicy Citrus salmon recipe, we've made it even simpler for you...