Paleo Coconut Prawns


Paleo Coconut Prawns |
There's one menu item when I'm dining out that I just can't pass up and that's Coconut Prawns.  The sweet shrimp paired with crispy coconut makes my mouth water like nobodies business!  So what happens when you're living a paleo or primal lifestyle and you want Coconut Prawns?  Well, you make them at home and skip the all purpose flour and head straight for a paleo approved mix like Otto's Casava Flour that's what you do.

It's easy as 1, 2, 3.  Let's get to the recipe.


Makes 4 servings



  1. Sprinkle prawns with Fire Seasoning, set aside.
  2. Place the flour in a medium bowl.  Add the eggs to a medium bowl and whisk lightly.  Add the shredded coconut to a third bowl.  Dredge each prawn in the flour, then the egg and finally in the shredded coconut.  Set aside on a cookie sheet.
  3. Heat coconut oil in a large skillet over high heat.  Pan fry the prawns for 1-2 minutes per side.  Remove and serve immediately with cocktail sauce or a quick coconut curry sauce.



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  • Heather Scholten